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Revolutionizing Wound Care:
Combatting Multidrug Resistance, Achieving Rapid Hemostasis, & Sustaining Prolonged Care

Enhanced Healing, Effective Infection Control, Hemorrhage Management, and Pain Reduction in Trauma Treatment

Advanced Battlefield Wound Care: Immediate Response, Sustained Protection

Optimized Therapies for Far-Forward Medical Interventions

Rapid Hemorrhage Control: Essential for immediate bleeding cessation in trauma situations, minimizing critical blood loss.


Dual Infection Prevention: Effective against both bacterial and fungal infections, crucial for wounds from IEDs and other battlefield injuries.

Combatting Multidrug Resistance: Effective against drug-resistant organisms in prolonged care settings.

Prolonged Field Care: Designed for 72-hour field stability, providing up to 72 hours of reliable support in battlefield conditions.


Efficient Trauma Care: Tailored for high-pressure scenarios, offering quick and effective treatment.

Advanced Pain Management: Novel solutions for acute pain relief without impairing warfighter performance.

Comprehensive Wound Management: Addressing the spectrum of battlefield injuries including soft tissue trauma and open fractures.


Low Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) for Far Forward Use: Compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient for easy deployment in austere environments.


Burn Recovery Solutions: Spray on application promotes rapid healing in deep partial and full thickness burns.


Prophylactic for Complex Injuries: Prevents infection in traumatic penetrating wounds, adaptable for austere and far-forward environments.

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Harnessing Bacteriophages: Turning the Tide Against ESKAPE Multidrug-Resistant Organisms

Bacteriophages, or phages, are viruses that specifically target and destroy bacteria, making them a potent tool in the fight against ESKAPE pathogens, a group known for their resilience against multiple drugs. As the threat of antibiotic resistance escalates globally, phages offer a precise, adaptable, and effective means to combat these formidable multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs). Their unique ability to evolve alongside bacterial defenses positions them as a critical asset in preserving public health and advancing medical treatments, especially in scenarios where traditional antibiotics fail.

Memsel's Advanced Bacteriophage Expertise: Pioneering Precision Solutions in Pathogen Control

Memsel stands at the forefront of bacteriophage technology, boasting an extensive phage collection targeting critical ESKAPE pathogens and pathogenic gut bacteria.

Phage Isolation

Our ongoing phage isolation programs, in collaboration with renowned institutions underscore our commitment to continuous innovation.

Phage Induction

We excel in phage induction and training, capable of converting temperate phages to lytic forms and tailoring phages for specific bacterial targets to enhance host range.

Phage Engineering

Our advanced phage engineering techniques cater to both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, enabling us to broaden host range targets and offer tunable solutions for diverse pathogenic challenges.

P. aeruginosa

Phage cocktails effective against multiple, high priority pathogens, including:

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Klebsiella pneumoniae

Acinetobacter baumannii

Staphylococcus aureus


Resilient Phage Microsphere Solutions: Excelling in Extreme Environments and Complex Interactions

Phage Viability in Extreme Environments

Memsel has successfully navigated the critical challenges of phage survivability and viability in extreme conditions, ranging from -20°C to +50°C, simulating various military austere environments.

Controlled and Targeted Release

Our breakthroughs in encapsulation technology enable the effective release of phage cocktails from microspheres, specifically targeting and eliminating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 


Memsel’s Advanced Wound Care: Precision Treatment for Every Combat Injury

MedDefender and MedInjector:
Multicomponent Wound Care Formulation for Complex Trauma
Addressing Rapid Hemostasis, Enhanced Tissue Repair, and Comprehensive Infection Management

Memsel's Breakthrough Wound Healing Platform: Comprehensive Care with Precision Phage Technology

Memsel's innovative wound healing platform ensures rapid hemostasis and accelerates tissue repair, while also delivering controlled analgesic relief and employing a comprehensive infection protection strategy through a multi-action approach: utilizing broad-spectrum antibiotics for general bacterial infection prevention, specific phage cocktails to address the critical challenge of antibiotic resistance in wound care, along with fungal & biofilm infection prevention.


Injectable and Spray-On Gauze Applications

Offering a comprehensive solution for managing complex wound conditions.

Stop Bleeding: rapid hemostasis

Tissue Healing: accelerate tissue repair

Pain Control: controlled release of analgesics

Broad Bacterial Infection Prevention: Antibiotics for broad bacterial infection prevention

Antibiotic-Resistant Infection Prevention: Phage cocktails effective against multiple, high priority pathogens: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Acinetobacter baumannii, Staphylococcus aureus


Fungal & Biofilm Infection Prevention: Antifungal and biofilm prevention agents

MedInjector for Penetrating Wounds

Spray On Gauze

Conforms to Any Wound Shape

Memsel - Medinjector 1
Memsel - MedDefender 1
Memsel - Medinjector 2
Memsel - MedDefender 2

Revolutionizing Wound Care: Memsel's Superior Solutions in Action

Memsel showcases cutting-edge MedInjector and MedDefender technologies through demonstration videos, highlighting their effectiveness in treating penetrating wounds and providing contactless gauze application for burns and complex wounds.


Compared to standard Celox gauze, QuikClot gauze, and XStat, our solutions not only excel in stopping bleeding but also bring enhanced benefits: accelerated tissue healing, comprehensive anti-infection properties, and effective pain control.

Revolutionizing Hemostasis and Wound Management: Beyond Conventional Hemostatic Products

Unmatched Hemostatic Efficiency:

Memsel MedInjector significantly outperforms current issue products in reducing blood loss and bleeding time.


Large Junctional Wound to Shoulder:

Memsel - 1 ml blood loss, 10 seconds bleeding time; significantly outperforming competing technologies.


Large Caliber GSW Through-Through:

Memsel - 1 ml blood loss, 12 seconds bleeding time; significantly outperforming competing technologies.


Multifunctional Formulation:

Unique integration of infection control, pain management, and tissue healing functionalities, surpassing the limited scope of current issue hemostatic products.


Biocompatibility and Prolonged Care:

100% biocompatible with a design that administers medication over 72 hours, addressing the critical needs of prolonged field care.

Comparative Test: Limitations of Celox Gauze in Severe Laceration Wounds

Superficial Hemostasis: Celox gauze temporarily masks bleeding before the wound resumes bleeding, undermining its effectiveness.

Practical Application Challenges: Emphasizes the difficulty in properly securing Celox gauze on complex lacerations, critical in emergency situations.

Progressive Failure: Over the course of the 10-minute experiment, the gradual inadequacy of Celox gauze in managing severe bleeding becomes apparent.

MedDefender Gauze Durability Test: Demonstrating Resilience in Harsh Environments

Assessing MedDefender Spray On Gauze Dressing’s Longevity and Environmental Resistance

Extended Dressing Stability: MedDefender gauze maintains its structural integrity and adherence over a 72-hour period (simulating prolonged field care).

Environmental Contamination Shielding: The gauze repels water, indicative of protection against elements like rain, dust, and debris.

Consistent Protection: MedDefender Gauze can safeguard wound sites from external contaminants, crucial in diverse field conditions.


Beyond Battlefield Care:
Transforming Military & Civilian Health Care Systems

Dual-Use Military & Civilian Solutions for Hospitals and Everyday Wound Challenges

Targeting Hospital Infections

Our system can play a crucial role in combatting common hospital-acquired infections, including catheter-associated UTIs, surgical site infections, ventilator-associated pneumonia, central line blood infections, and sepsis, reducing complications and enhancing patient recovery.

Healing Chronic and Traumatic Wounds

Ideal for diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and chronic wounds, our technology provides a proactive approach to wound management, promoting faster healing and preventing infection complications.

Advancing Everyday Wound Treatment

In general trauma injuries and day-to-day wound care, Memsel's system offers a versatile and effective solution, ensuring rapid healing and minimal infection risk in various civilian environments.

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