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Revolutionizing Infectious Disease Treatment with Precision Phage Therapy

Advancing Phage-Based Interventions: Tailored Phage Cocktails and Enhanced Delivery Systems for Optimal Efficacy

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Phage Therapaies

Memsel is leading the fight against antibiotic resistance with the development of advanced bacteriophage therapies

Phage Discovery


Leveraging cutting-edge techniques for isolating and characterizing bacteriophages from diverse environments.



We employ a systematic approach to phage discovery, utilizing high-throughput screening and advanced genomic analysis to identify phages with therapeutic potential

Phage Engineering

Innovation in Phage Design

Engineering bacteriophages for enhanced efficacy, stability, and safety.


Breadth of Application

Developing phages for diverse applications, including healthcare and agriculture.


Data-Driven Insights

Utilizing bioinformatics tools to decode phage genomes, predict host range, and understand phage-bacteria interactions.


Custom Solutions

Our bioinformatics capabilities enable the custom design of phage therapies, ensuring specificity and efficacy against targeted bacterial strains

Phage Cocktails

Comprehensive Solutions

Creating tailored phage cocktails to address complex and polymicrobial infections.


Strategic Combinations

Our phage cocktails are designed for synergistic action, maximizing therapeutic potential while minimizing the likelihood of resistance development

Advanced Formulations & Targeted Delivery Systems

At Memsel, we stand at the forefront of innovation in bioactive agent formulations and targeted delivery systems, merging biotechnology with material science to ensure precise, efficient delivery across various applications to maximize their therapeutic potential

Stability Optimization

Robust Formulations

We specialize in creating formulations that maintain the integrity and efficacy of bioactive agents under varying conditions.


Adaptive Stability

Our focus is on enhancing the resilience of these agents to environmental challenges, ensuring reliable performance in diverse settings

Targeted Release Mechanisms

Precision Delivery

Our advanced delivery systems are engineered to release bioactive agents at the precise location and time needed, enhancing therapeutic efficacy.

Site-Specific Activation

Leveraging smart technology, we ensure that the bioactive agents are activated at the target site, maximizing their impact on infection sites while minimizing systemic exposure.

Smart Material Integration

Responsive Formulations

Our smart materials are designed to respond to environmental stimuli, such as pH or temperature changes, enabling adaptive treatment responses.

Multifunctional Applications

These innovative materials are versatile, suitable for various applications from wound care to agricultural health, adapting to the needs of the treatment environment

Customized Delivery Platforms

Versatile Platforms

We develop delivery platforms that are tailored to a wide range of applications, ensuring flexibility and specificity in our therapeutic approaches.

Cross-Sector Adaptability

Our platforms are not limited to human health but extend to veterinary and agricultural fields, showcasing our ability to address diverse bioactive agent delivery needs

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