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Embark on a journey with us at Memsel, where you'll play a crucial role at the forefront of health innovation, directly contributing to breakthroughs in phage therapy and advanced formulation. Here, you're a key player in a mission to enhance health and save lives. Join us to be part of a mission that not only advances scientific frontiers but also shapes a healthier future

Full-Time Opportunities at Memsel

Join our team of experts in driving innovation and excellence to achieve our mission. Whether you're a microbiologist, polymer scientist, biomedical expert, or data scientist, your skills will fuel our pioneering research and development efforts, advancing crucial breakthroughs in health solutions

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Intern and Part-Time Opportunities at Memsel

Step into the world of cutting-edge phage therapy at Memsel. Our internships and part-time positions offer a unique opportunity to learn from outstanding scientists at a premier medical university. Gain invaluable experience and knowledge in a dynamic, innovation-driven environment

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