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Revolutionizing Gut Health: Memsel's Innovative Phage Therapies

Gut Health Crisis: Addressing Pathogenic Bacteria

Rising Gut Diseases: Growing global instances of gut-related conditions linked to bacterial imbalances.

Antibiotic Resistance: The urgent need for alternatives like phage therapy amidst rising antibiotic resistance.

Phage Precision: Specific targeting of harmful bacteria by phage therapy, safeguarding beneficial microbiota.

Safe & Effective: Phage therapy as a safer, effective option with fewer side effects than traditional antibiotics.

Innovative Solutions: Harnessing phage therapy's potential for diverse gut health challenges.

Shortcomings of Conventional Probiotics

Leading probiotic capsules and gummies rapidly disintegrate within typical gastric residency timelines, highlighting the critical need for more resilient delivery systems

Rapid Degradation in Simulated Gastric Conditions

Market-leading probiotic capsules and gummies disintegrated within 90-120 minutes in a simulated gastric fluid


Inadequate Gastric Resilience of Commercial Probiotics

Many probiotic products fail to withstand typical gastric residency times, indicating a lack of effective gastric resilience.


Need for Enhanced Delivery Systems

There is a need for advanced encapsulation and delivery technologies to ensure probiotic stability and efficacy in gastric environments.

Memsel Universal Enteric Gummy

Triple Action Gummy: Precision Delivery for Optimal Gut Health

Memsel's Triple Action Gummy revolutionizes gut health management by combining phage therapy, probiotics, and SCFAs in a novel encapsulation system. This innovative product is engineered for targeted delivery to the GI tract, ensuring maximum efficacy and safety

Enteric Microsphere System for Precision Delivery of Bioactive Agents to the Gastrointestinal Tract

Memsel's Delivery System:
A New Era in Precision GI Tract Therapeutics

Innovative Triple Action Approach: Combines phage therapy, probiotics, and SCFAs in a single formulation for a holistic gut health solution.

Customizable Phage Cocktails: Capable of delivering targeted phage cocktails to address a spectrum of pathogenic gut bacteria and related health conditions.


Versatile Bioactive Agent Delivery: Engineered for the transportation of various therapeutic agents, including drugs and SCFAs, tailored to individual gut health needs.


Enhanced Stability and Efficacy: Advanced encapsulation technology ensures superior stability in gastric environments and maximizes therapeutic efficacy.


Precision Targeting: Delivers bioactive agents directly to the GI tract, offering precise treatment options with reduced systemic side effects.


Broad Therapeutic Potential: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from managing common digestive disorders to complex microbiome imbalances.


Scalable and Adaptable Technology: Designed for adaptability in developing new formulations, addressing emerging gut health challenges.

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Enteric Gummy Microsphere System

Precision Delivery, Enhanced Efficacy

Designed for advanced, targeted delivery in gastrointestinal treatments. It ensures precise and controlled release of bioactive agents, including phage cocktails, maximizing absorption and therapeutic efficacy in the digestive tract. This system is a crucial development in enhancing the effectiveness of treatments for gut health

Surviving the Stomach: Engineered Resilience

Safeguarding therapies through stomach acidity for targeted intestinal release

In the simulated stomach environment, our enteric gummy microsphere system maintains stability against the acidic gastric conditions. This phase tests the microspheres' ability to protect the encapsulated phage from degradation by stomach acids, ensuring the integrity and activity of the therapeutic agents for controlled release in the later stages of the digestive process.

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Transition to the Small Intestine: Controlled Release

Ensures gradual phage release in the small intestine for effective action

Upon entering the higher pH environment of the small intestine, the enteric gummy begins to dissolve. This dissolution is a controlled process, facilitating the gradual release of the microspheres. The design ensures a steady deployment of the phage therapy within the intestinal tract, allowing for effective interaction with the target site. This phase is crucial for the precise delivery of the therapeutic agents, optimizing their efficacy in the intestinal environment.

Large Intestine Phase: Gradual Dissolution and Release

Achieves sustained release in the large intestine for targeted efficacy

In the large intestine, the microspheres, now free from the dissolved enteric gel, undergo a gradual dissolution process. This phase is characterized by a controlled release of the encapsulated phage therapy over a period of 4-10 hours. The design of the microspheres ensures a consistent and prolonged release, maximizing therapeutic interaction within the large intestine. This stage is critical for the sustained delivery and optimal efficacy of the phage therapy in the targeted intestinal region.

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