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Pioneering Innovations in Health and Infection Therapeutics

Memsel is a biotechnology research and development company dedicated to enhancing health and combatting infections with advanced phage therapies and targeted delivery systems

Innovating at the Forefront of Health and Infection Control

At Memsel, we believe our technology can transform the world we live in. Our team of experts is dedicated to pioneering transformative solutions in phage therapy and targeted delivery to tackle critical health challenges across human, animal, and plant domains, shaping a healthier, more resilient world

Pioneering targeted treatments to defeat antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Sprayable and injectable multicomponent phage hydrogels for life-threatening wound infections

Delivering solutions right where they're needed, enhancing efficacy and safety

Combining phages with other key ingredients for balanced and effective gut microbiome solutions

Our Mission for a Healthier World
Enhancing health, saving lives, and combatting infections in humans, animals, and plants with innovative phage solutions and advanced delivery systems

Memsel is spearheading transformative approaches in health enhancement and infection control. Our work revolves around harnessing the potential of phage therapy and precision-targeted delivery systems, addressing the critical global challenge of antibiotic resistance and creating novel drug delivery technologies.


With a dedicated team driving innovation, we are creating a new landscape in healthcare solutions across human, animal, and plant domains. At Memsel, we're not just envisioning a healthier world; we're actively building it through our targeted, impactful solutions.

Memsel Advantage

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Curated Phage Library

Formulation & Targeted, Controlled Delivery Expertise

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Team of Renowned Scientists and Industry Experts

Pioneering Patents & Intellectual Property


Transformative Impact in Combating Antibiotic Resistance

Our Partners

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Unlocking the Potential of Phage Therapies and Targeted Delivery Systems

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At Memsel, we are at the forefront of developing transformative solutions for health and infection control.


Our dedicated team leverages the latest advancements in phage therapy and targeted delivery technologies to tackle the pressing challenges of antibiotic resistance and health optimization.

Connect with us today to explore how our specialized expertise can drive progress and deliver tangible results in your sector

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