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Solutions Spanning Health Frontiers

Memsel is at the forefront of creating high-impact health solutions.


Our innovative phage and delivery technologies are specifically designed to address diverse challenges across multiple target markets, delivering substantial value in meeting critical health needs


No Escape from ESKAPEE pathogens

Combatting Drug-Resistant Bacteria

The Challenges

The global surge of drug-resistant bacteria compromises traditional antibiotic efficacy, significantly increasing the incidence of untreatable infections and posing a major healthcare challenge.


Memsel's Breakthrough

Memsel is spearheading the fight against antibiotic resistance with advanced phage therapies. Our approach utilizes bacteriophages' specificity to target drug-resistant bacteria, enhanced by sophisticated delivery systems for flexible use in clinical or home settings. This strategy represents a decisive and potent response to a critical global health concern.

Trauma Care Innovation

The Challenges

Trauma is a leading cause of mortality globally, with uncontrolled bleeding being the primary preventable cause of death. Trauma and burn injuries not only require immediate and effective hemorrhage control but also present a high risk of subsequent infections, including those from multi-drug resistant organisms and invasive fungal pathogens.

Memsel's Breakthrough

Addressing this dual challenge, Memsel has developed a multicomponent hydrogel formulation that tackles severe bleeding, supports tissue healing, and provides comprehensive infection control. Our multifaceted solution integrates antibiotics, phage therapies targeting resistant bacteria, antifungal, and antibiofilm agents.


Tailored for both injectable and topical applications, this innovation provides a robust front-line response to trauma, significantly advancing global trauma care and infection management strategies.

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Wound Infection Management

The Challenges

The rise of drug-resistant bacteria is intensifying the challenge of managing infections in surgical sites, chronic wounds, and burns. These infections compromise patient recovery and elevate healthcare risks, making the development of effective, innovative treatment approaches a critical necessity.

Memsel's Breakthrough

Memsel's phage-based technology is a pioneering solution that effectively targets and manages wound infections. By utilizing the specificity of bacteriophages, our therapies are designed to combat antibiotic-resistant pathogens, offering a versatile and potent alternative for a range of wound types. Our approach signifies a transformative step in infection control within the realm of wound care.

Optimizing Gut Health

The Challenges

Gut health issues are on the rise due to lifestyle and dietary changes, coupled with antibiotic overuse, leading to disrupted microbiome balance and significant health implications. Traditional treatments struggle with effective delivery through the acidic gastric environment, often yielding suboptimal results.

Memsel's Breakthrough

Our approach revolutionizes gut health management by integrating advanced phage therapy with a novel enteric delivery system. Memsel’s range of phage cocktails target a spectrum of pathogenic gut bacteria linked to various health conditions.

Our enteric delivery system ensures phages and other vital treatments are precisely delivered to specific gut regions, overcoming traditional delivery barriers and optimizing treatment efficacy.

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Other areas.png

Other Areas of Focus

The Challenges

Infectious diseases, animal health, crop safety, and food safety are key areas where current solutions often fall short due to evolving pathogens and environmental changes. The increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance and the need for sustainable, effective treatments present ongoing challenges across these diverse domains.

Memsel's Breakthrough

Our technology platform is the foundation for addressing critical issues across a spectrum of market sectors, including infectious diseases, animal health, crop safety, and food safety. Memsel's phage-based solutions and advanced delivery systems are specifically engineered to tackle these diverse challenges, providing effective management and innovative preventive strategies. This approach demonstrates the expansive potential and adaptability of our technology in confronting global health and environmental concerns.

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